Highly motivated researchers with a desire to engage in multidisciplinary research in the area of RNA chemical biology are always welcome. If you are interested in our research and would like to work with us, please contact Anna M. Kietrys:

Postdoctoral Researchers

There are currently no open positions available in the lab. However, if you possess external funding or plan on applying for postdoctoral fellowships please contact Anna M. Kietrys. We are happy to support your application and help you along the process. If interested, please send your actual CV (including a list of publications), a short description of your research interests and long-term goals, possible start date, and the contact information for references.

Graduate Students

As you may read on the Chemistry Department web page, the Department brings unique strengths in molecular science and engineering to important issues in sustainability, human health, and quality of life. PhD graduates from the Department of Chemistry are prepared for success in a wide range of careers in academic, industry, and national laboratories. If you are thinking about a PhD in chemistry, you should consider applying to the Graduate Program at CMU.

If you are interested in joining our lab for your PhD training or rotating with us, please contact Anna M. Kietrys or stop by our office located in Mellon Institute #308.

Undergraduate Students

Conducting research during the undergraduate program is a great opportunity to get a hands-on experience and apply your classroom gained knowledge to solve a real scientific problem. The research program enables you to better explore your areas of interest, consider future career paths, and creating a bond with the graduate student and faculty community. For more information please visit the Undergraduate Research Office webpage.

If you are interested in conducting your summer research project and/or working during the academic year in our lab, please contact Anna M. Kietrys or stop by our office located in Mellon Institute #308.